Presentation 1

Effortless collaboration with your horse
Guideline to the instinctive behaviour

"Instinct differences between human and horse".

Understanding yourself, your fellow human beings and your horse become the key to success.
The psychological differences between horse and human are explained in depth.

Acquired at birth.

From birth onwards, horse and human have instinctive behaviours,
for the purpose of survival.
We need to take this into account when handling and training our horses,
because instinctive behaviour cannot be changed.

Many similarities with your horse.

There are many similarities between the innate behaviour of horses and humans,
but on the other hand there are also major differences to observe.
This workshop explains these similarities and differences with their psychological background.

Good education of horse and human.

Learning to handle horses and people in a conscious and safe manner is the aim of this presentation.
This is the ideal starting point for the proper upbringing of people and the training of horses.

"Instinctive behaviour of a horse and human cannot be changed".

The following topics are covered in detail:

Instinct • Intelligence • Types of cohabitation • Prey - Predator
The horse's daily routine • Communication between animals • Behavioural expressions • Facial expressions
Imposing behaviour • Dominant behaviour • Aggressive behaviour • Submissive behaviour
Chivalrous behaviour • Domestication • Anthropomorphism

"Now I understand much better how to handle my horse and myself."

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