About us

André and Jacqueline
Geeroms – Schurkens

Are a Belgian-Dutch passionate couple with more than 100 years of equestrian experience. They make time to share their successful professional experiences
with the equestrian world. Due to their high education, they have made it in the professional life.
This in addition to their equestrian passion.

'You are a passionate equestrian couple!'

High education.

Jacqueline holds a Master's degree in neuro-linguistics and has a practice as a human behaviour specialist. André is an engineer and has always been active in the highest management functions. André and Jacqueline together have a wealth of people skills.

In-depth equestrian knowledge.

The highest accredited trainer courses in the Netherlands and Belgium. Private lessons from specialised trainers. Having read all the equestrian books. And above all, daily training of their young horses up to high level dressage.

Qualified experienced trainers.

André obtained the Trainer A diploma at the Flemish Trainers School (Belgium)

Jacqueline has the NKB instructor diploma (The Netherlands)

They have been teachers in various equestrian schools for many years.

No vague talk.

With proven techniques, we bring you the maximum equestrian satisfaction you are looking for.

For every discipline.

You deal with horses as an enthusiast or as a professional. Applicable to every horse lover, even if you are not competition oriented.

You will be looking for more equestrian satisfaction.

No one is better placed to guide you to equestrian fulfilment than you.

You do it for more happiness, don't you?

A life full of horses.

The photos below of André & Jacqueline illustrate their rich experience as trainers and competition riders.
Competition experience up to the highest level. Several national titles in various disciplines.
International selections.
We are happy to make our accommodation available. Have a look at the section 'Our location'.

André Geeroms.

Jacqueline Schurkens.

André Geeroms & Jacqueline Schurkens.

Artistic dressage, having fun with the horse. Short shows in classical costume are possible,
for various celebrations, openings, fairs, clinics, etc.

André and Jacqueline will help you on your way.
Contact us for further consultation.