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Our book

'When whispering doesn't help'

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Our book

'Reined in emotions'

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Following ‘your own’ riding story

Dressage lessons

Competition oriented dressage with classical approach

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An instructive event for you and your equestrian club

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Discover your hidden talents and passions ontdekken

Your personal values determines your fulfilment

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3 cozy days with your 3 best friends and your horses

Discover how to transform your life

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for behevioural problems of horses and humans

Equestrian behavioural advice

André & Jacqueline have a century of experience in equestrian behaviour

Management advice

André has 30 years CEO experience in several medium-sized companies. Do you have the intention to start your own business?

Human beheviour

Jacqueline can rely on 25 years practice as a human therapist

Do you have a disruptive behaviour, for yourself or your environment?

Whats standing between you and your dream riding?

Messages in a bottle

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