Do you have 'Equestrian Satisfaction'?
Your own values determine your fulfilment.

Unlock your own hidden talents and passions!

You keep horses to be happy.
Despite the amount of time and resources you invest in it, it does not make you happy.
Aligning your environment with your equestrian values will help you greatly.
Find your equestrian values and align your environment with them.
We help you determine your equestrian values.

"I have learned how to get rid of my unwanted equestrian beliefs".

It does not make you happy?

You do everything for it, but you don't get much of a happy equestrian feeling out of it,
it does not make you very happy.
Setting goals is something you probably already do, good for you, but this is only the starting point.
Knowing the goal behind your goal is even more important.
Why do you do what you do?

Find your own values.

Define together your values and identity behind your equestrian goal.
Satisfaction is created when your own values are reflected in your goals.
Unwanted equestrian beliefs must be eliminated.
But that is why you need to know yourself, to have your own values in mind.
These define your identity and you need to know who you are and what you expect from your life.

Change your environment yourself.

We guide you in finding your own equestrian values.
So that you can see what changes need to be made in your equestrian world to achieve satisfaction.
Yes, you read that correctly, you don't have to adapt to your environment.
You bring your equestrian environment in line with your values.
Obstructive beliefs must be eliminated.
Do not let your happiness depend on your environment or chance.

Join us for half a day.

We will create a personalised training for you.
Come and visit us for half a day, preferably together with your horse.
We guide you in determining your own most important values with the help of a comprehensive equestrian value list.
You show us how you work with your horse at home and we make a detailed analysis.
You learn to determine how your horse adds something to your values.
How you engage with your horse and whether your horse adds enough value to your values.

Your equestrian identity card.

We will give you an equestrian identity card to take home.
This is your compass for your further equestrian career, in accordance with your values.
You are the one saddling your dreams and we will guide you in mastering your thoughts.

Stay yourself.

No, we don't want to take you away from your personal trainer.
There are many instructors who can guide you well, but we will give you a second opinion.
This analysis is applicable in all disciplines of equestrian sports, both professional and amateur.

Together with your friends.

This analysis can also be undertaken together with your friends or colleagues, at our premises or on location.
But results are handled very individually and confidentially.
Your values are yours and nobody has anything to do with them.
Because this analysis is about your deepest 'I'.

Proven result.

This analysis was developed on the basis of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).
NLP is a science of behavioural therapy, which focuses on the workings of the human brain.
The logical levels describe what happens inside a person.
What are your thoughts, feelings and especially how and in what order they are formed.
The logical levels are represented as a wigwam.
All the components of NLP are shown above in the wigwam.

Confidentiality guaranteed.

We focus with you on the 'Values'
The value analysis we carry out with you is at the identity level and thus concerns your real 'I'.
There is nothing vague about this training, which is based on science and years of experience of the trainers.

I am excited!
And wish to set my values,
to be satisfied.

Join us for half a day
(or we join you)
and determine your equestrian happiness.